While working as an adviser, Biswajit (Bisu) was highly appreciated for his expert opinion at different points of time in the organisation’s therapy and research cell… Biswajit is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to calm angry or frustrated and difficult cases is unparalleled and it is because of his excellence in yoga therapy and counselling that I repeatedly asked him to mentor in the yoga therapy center too… Of particular value to me as a yoga therapist was Biswajit team player mindset, enthusiastic embrace of change, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to exceeding patients’ expectations. I regularly received unsolicited praise from patients, medical professionals and hospitals commending Biswajit’s outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through. He is a hardworking, top-performing yoga therapist and professional.

Dr . Girihari Sharma


NMP Medical Research Institute


“Dear Master Bisu,

Thank you for assisting the rehabilitation of Ms Loh. She sustained a right shoulder dislocation… an MRI confirmed the presence of a 2 cm tear of the rotator cuff (supraspinatus) tendon… She has improved quite significantly over the last 2-3 months (after starting therapy lessons with you)… Please assist in further rehabilitation for her right shoulder.”

– Extracted from a private letter by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon based in Singapore


While attending a yoga certification course a couple of years ago, I experienced back pain. I ignored the discomfort hoping that it would go away but it only got worse. It got so bad that I could not sit upright for more than an hours the computer to do my work. I didn’t know what to do so I went to see my doctor. An x-ray revealed that I had a slipped disc. I was devastated! My doctor referred me a physiotherapist who used a traction device to push my disc back into place. After several sessions, I was told that the only way for my situation to improve further was for me to do certain prescribed back exercises every day on my own. I was unable to go to the gym as usual and became very stiff… and very depressed.

A year later, a friend referred me to Mr Bisu and I have never looked back. He cured me in eight private yoga therapy sessions! I now attend his yoga classes and am able to do almost all the postures that his other students can do. I also know my limitations and do not attempt postures that pose a risk to my back. Mr Bisu has helped me not only physically but also mentally by teaching me moderation. I now view yoga not as a competitive sport but rather as a way to age painlessly… and happily. Thank you Mr Bisu!




We have both improved vastly due to the personalised attention during our private sessions with Bisu.  He is very knowledgeable and patient and knows when to push and when we are able to advance to more advanced positions. Now, we are able to do various (variations of ) headstands, full standing wheel posture and many more postures we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to try during group sessions. We are very happy with our lessons with Bisu and look forward to them weekly.

Grace & Valerie



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