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Although the Science of Yoga is an ancient system with the primary objective of elevating the Human soul to a higher spiritual level, it has gradually become more physical in nature. As man became more extroverted and the complexity of human society increased, along with that came more complex human diseases. Humankind started to feel the impact of Stress and as a result, new and never-before-heard physical and mental ailments started to appear.

To tackle this, medical science developed acute solutions for many such ailments but failed to provide holistic and more permanent solutions in dealing with these new problems. Thus, man again reverted to the ancient science of Yoga to understand the nature of this problem and found more effective solutions to some of these ailments in the science of Yoga. Thus yoga therapy became popular. This also led to the popularity of Yoga Therapy Singapore as more people turn to holistic sciences for healthier living.

Yoga for Back pain

yoga therapy for back pain Singapore

An epidemic in urban atmosphere. Research shows back pain as one of the biggest health concern for working age people all over the world. The science of Hatha yoga deals with this problem very effectively both in a preventive and curative manner. Problems such as – Slipped Disc, Spondylosis, Spinal degeneration and Sciatica are some of the problems which Yoga therapy for back pain can effectively deal with.

Yoga for Asthma

Another serious concern for both adults and children of the world. Yoga not only helps to prevent asthma but is probably one of the surest way to bring down dependency on medicine by a regular practice program. Specially designed yoga techniques are applied to tackle asthma and bronchitis.

Yoga for Arthritis

yoga therapy for arthritis Singapore

This problem is more common amongst middle aged people. Arthritis can make life miserable if nothing is done to prevent its deterioration. With specially designed postures and relaxation, the deterioration of Arthritis can be effectively controlled. In fact, Hatha yoga is the most scientifically as well as technically correct practice to deal with arthritis.

Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis

The problem gradually becomes unbearably painful for the sufferer. At the beginning, it is simply uncomfortable, but leaving the problem as it is will gradually affect the quality of living for the patient as the pain worsens. The systematic approach of Yoga therapy keeps this problem manageable if the yoga practice is regular. A return to 80% normalcy is possible with systematic yoga training under an expert yoga therapist.

Yoga for Insomnia

Due to stress and a hectic modern lifestyle, the problem of insomnia is increasing in the urban population dramatically. In order to escape from this irritating problem, many people resort to unhealthy “solutions” such as alcohol to gain temporary relief. Insomnia should not be allowed to continue as it will lead to serious health issues as well as mood changes. With the science of YOGIC RELAXATION, yoga therapy for insomnia problems can deal with it  permanently.

Yoga for Hypertension

yoga therapy for hypertension Singapore

Hypertension is a big risk factor for heart disease. With special yoga practices, hypertension can be kept totally under control as long as the practitioner is regular in his/her practice.

Yoga for Diabetes

yoga therapy for diabetes Singapore

Another worldwide phenomenon is diabetes. One of the biggest chronic killers of our times, the main reason being a sedentary lifestyle. To deal with severe diabetes, the practice of Yoga has to be completely holistic, where a combination of Yoga postures, relaxation, and diet is essential to control this ailment. Modern scientific researches have also shown very positive results of yoga therapy for diabetes in controlling it.


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