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Yoga Vihara is a cozy yoga studio located in a peaceful corner of the CBD in Singapore – offering the best yoga classes Singapore. We specialise in Hatha Yoga classes, which forms the foundation of yoga therapy. Just like you, we like to escape the city once in a while, going on yoga holidays or yoga retreats, bringing a small group of students with us each time.

Check out our class schedule here or see where we’re headed to next! See you in class sometime for some of the best yoga classes Singapore 🙂

** Notice ** Dear members & guests, please remember to book for classes via WhatsApp (+65 8723 1870). 🙏

Yoga Therapy Singapore

Although the Science of Yoga is an ancient system with the primary objective of elevating the Human soul to a higher spiritual level, it has gradually become more physical in nature. As man became more extroverted and the complexity of human society increased, along with that came more complex human diseases. Humankind started to feel the impact of Stress and as a result, new and never-before-heard physical and mental ailments started to appear. Continue reading “Yoga Therapy Singapore”

Class Schedule

Yoga class schedule

Our group class schedule is only sent to members. We are currently only accepting new students for private classes.

Yoga Holidays & Retreats

Other than as a physical exercise, many of us turn to yoga as an avenue for stress relief. At Yoga Vihara, we believe in all-rounded wellness. As such, we organize periodic holidays and yoga retreats Singapore to rejuvenate our minds and bodies.

* Update – We are excited to announce that we have secured a tie-up with an established and esteemed travel agency in India – in fact one of the largest in India! After working with them throughout the years for our yoga trips, we have built an immense level of trust and understanding between us and we are now their authorised representative in Singapore. Do not hesitate to approach us if you are interested to travel India!

Upcoming trip(s) in 2023

Here’s a sneak preview of the next trip we’ve planned in 2023.

Type of Trip: Trek / Adventure / Sightseeing / Retreat

$$$: Budget / Deluxe / Luxury

Physical Exertion: Not at all / Some / Moderate / Heavy

Contact us for more details if you are genuinely interested!

And check back periodically for who knows – inspiration or wanderlust can strike anytime and we’ll be recruiting a small group of fellow travellers/yogis to join us in our next intimate escapade!


Continue reading “Yoga Holidays & Retreats”


Find Us

Classes are conducted at
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Singapore 168976

via Chinatown MRT Exit C. Walk through People’s Park Hawker Centre. There’s a flight of stairs behind it that leads to a 3 storey colonial style building.
By Car:
Coming from Outram Road, turn into Eu Tong Sen Road. Turn left after the ERP gantry and traffic light. Drive up Pearl’s Hill road and directly into 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace.


Phone No.

+65 8723 1870

WhatsApp (Preferred mode of contact)

+65 8723 1870

Email (Preferred mode of contact)


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info.