Class Descriptions

Gentle Flow & Stretch **New Class** 

A gentle, mindful & low-impact way to boost our heart rate and rev up our metabolism. For the first 40 minutes of this class, we move mindfully with breath awareness in a slow flowing sequence before winding down and ending the class with gentle static stretches.

A gentle fat-burning class that leaves you rejuvenated after! Suitable for all levels.

Hatha Ananda (A)

Our signature advanced class. The most traditional way of practising Hatha yoga. An advanced class suitable for regular practitioners looking for more stability of mind and to improve their asana practice. In this practice, you are encouraged to look inward while practicing the postures and develop an inner awareness of your Self through the practice of Hatha yoga.

Indian Traditional (I)

In this intermediate level class, you practice more authentic and intermediate level Hatha yoga postures, more suitable for regular and semi-regular practitioners. Postures are systematically sequenced so that your practice becomes a joyful experience.

Hatha Yoga (B)

A basic Hatha Yoga class. This class is suitable for all ages and all types of practitioners. The principle objective of this practice session is to bring about mental stability, physical endurance and efficient functioning of the inner organs.

Hatha Yoga (I)

A step up from the basic Hatha Yoga class. This is more suitable for regular students who wish to practice slightly more challenging and difficult postures. A posture can be practiced at different levels in this session, starting from basic to advanced so that you get complete control over your mind and body through the practice of the postures.

Hatha Yoga Stretch

A variation of the typical Hatha Yoga class, focusing on deep stretches. Suitable for all types of practitioners looking for a stretching good time.

Yoga Therapy

One of the primary benefits of Hatha Yoga lies in its therapeutic value. The ability of yoga postures (asanas) and pranayamas to cure and prevent various modern day ailments makes it a holistic practice widely appreciated and accepted by modern society.

The effectiveness of Yoga Therapy is most evident in diseases such as arthritis, spondylosis, asthma, digestive disorders, migraine, menstrual problems, back pain and insomnia. Regular and correct practice can even help to reduce the need for invasive medical procedures in many instances.

Basic postures and movements are modified in this class to achieve the intended therapeutic outcomes. Suitable for students of all levels. It is especially useful for practitioners returning after an injury.

Hatha Therapy

In this class, we practise a combination of yoga asanas, pranayama and kriyas, using the practice of these combined Hatha yoga aspects as an integral approach to healthy living. Most of the asanas practiced in this session will focus on optimising the functioning of the bodily organs. Suitable for students of all levels, in particular those new to yoga or restarting their physical regime after a long break.

Sun Flow / Sun Salutations

Mostly practised in the morning and at normal room temperature at Yoga Vihara. The practice comprises a set of postures designed to bring maximum rejuvenation of the body and alertness of the mind. Helps to shatter morning inertia. Not recommended for absolute beginners. All others welcomed.


Private Session (PT)

A private one-on-one yoga session, pre-arranged with the instructor. For first-timers, kindly email us at to make an appointment for a complimentary initial consultation (for those requiring yoga therapy) or a trial private class ($60 for 45 mins – rate applicable for 1st-time trial only for non-therapeutic cases). Click here for more information.


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