Prenatal Yoga Class

Why prenatal yoga?

prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your unborn baby, at the same time preparing your body and mind  for the birth of your child.


The benefits of prenatal yoga range from improved sleep quality, better immune function to back pain reduction, less pain during labour and a reduced incidence of premature labour.

Taking time for mindful self-care also helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression during pregnancy, perhaps due to the mindful connection that you cultivate with your own rapidly-changing body and your baby within.


At Yoga Vihara, we integrate the physical exercises that are needed to strengthen the lower back, pelvic floor, abdominal and core muscles with mindfulness practices that aids in the mental and emotional aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. Peppered with helpful information about childbirth and parenting, our prenatal yoga instructor, will help you to cultivate yogic practices for lifelong healthy living.

Register your Interest!

Our yoga studio is conveniently located within the CBD in Tanjong Pagar. Please register your interest below and make sure your contact details are accurate so that we can contact you once we have the sufficient minimum number to start a small cozy class!


    Monday evening 6.30pm to 7.30pmThursday lunchtime 12.30pm to 1.30pm